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Meet the team:

Pamela Walden


My involvement began as the parent of a teenager with learning difficulties looking for social activities in our local area; through the social opportunities that ALDAG provided many friendships were made. Over the years it has been so rewarding to be part of ALDAG as it has grown to include work opportunities and I know firsthand the impact that this has on self esteem “that’s where I work” - something that we all take for granted.

Peter Speller


I was invited to attend an ALDAG evening and what I experienced blew me away and I knew I had to be involved! That was 15 years ago and I have seen how ALDAG has brought local young people together socially as well as providing a workplace to fulfil ambitions. With the unbridled joy and affection that flows within our Conquerors group I have no hesitation in saying that this is my second family!!

David Phibbs


Kevin Shaw


My son joined Conquerors Club some little time ago to take advantage of the social activities and interaction so important for a young man with learning difficulties whose peer group friends had “out grown” him. The people were so friendly and supportive that I became interested in ALDAG’s other activities and when I was asked to join the Trustees I agreed without hesitation as I felt this to be a worthwhile cause to support. 

Hazel Gibson


To be involved in a local charity that provides so much for young people with learning difficulties is both worthwhile and fulfilling. It is not just a one way street for me as I get back so much in return, seeing the lives of our young people enriched and expanded through the work that ALDAG undertakes.

Dee Peck


I recognise the entitlement of people with disabilities to a wide and varied range of social, housing, leisure and work opportunities; I have a strong commitment to ensuring that the needs of people with disabilities are addressed within their local community. As a parent of a young man with learning difficulties and a professional background in SEN, I have an understanding of the issues facing parent/carers and young people with a disability.

Jennie Blackburn



Jennie has worked in the special education sector as a teacher in a local special school and is keen to expand our members involvement in their local community - and have fun!

Val Pomroy

Associate Trustee

Val is a School Business Manager in a Surrey special school and brings her skills of finance and people management as well as her passion for enabling young people with a learning disability to reach their potential.

Tony Leach

Associate Trustee

Tony has experience in the charity sector and has a son who works in our Re-Use It shop and is a member of Teens and Twenties.